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Episode V: The Pranksters Strike Back

July 16, 2014

It’s been quite a while since we last heard from our office pranksters at Bluebeam. They’d been pretty quiet since we moved into our new office space earlier this year, giving us “a new hope” that perhaps they had changed their ways. But the makers of mischief struck back with a vengeance recently, hitting not one, but two desks!

When Software Engineer, Ryan, professed his love of all things Chipotle, little did he realize the pranksters here were listening! They decided to make some enhancements to his desk so it would resemble one of his favorite tinfoil-wrapped burritos. Yum!

photo 2

More tinfoil than you could possibly imagine.


Most recently, Direct Marketing Manager, Jill, returned from her honeymoon in Turkey to find a giant “B” (for bride, hehe) covered in hand turkeys had taken up residence at her desk.


May the force “B” with you.


Now that we know our pranksters have given in to the dark side, you never know when they’ll strike next. Stay tuned for more updates!

Until next time,



Bluebeam T-Shirts on the Move

June 3, 2014

A lot of us at Bluebeam like to travel, and when we do, we love to take our Bluebeam t-shirts with us! Just recently, Bluebeam Product Manager, Brian, traveled to Jordan and visited the Petra Treasury, where he made sure to capture the moment in his Bluebeam best.


Brian at the Petra Treasury in Jordan.


Last year our Channel Sales Specialist, Steve, wore his favorite Bluebeam shirt while visiting Machu Picchu in Peru.

2013-09-06 06.58.17

Steve at Machu Picchu.


In March, Lead Technical Support Engineer, Paul, wore his to New Mexico while participating in a 26.2 mile race honoring the soldiers who fought in the Battle of Bataan in World War II.

Paul and Jim at Bataan Memorial March

Paul in New Mexico


Have you traveled anywhere with your Bluebeam t-shirt? Share your pictures and stories with us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using hashtag #bluebeamtshirt. We can’t wait to see where you’ve been!

Until next time,



Bluebeam Makes a New Feathered Friend

April 15, 2014

Yesterday afternoon, when Bluebeamer Stephanie went outside on her lunch break to enjoy some of the Southern California sun, she was surprised to see an adorable cockatiel hanging out at her favorite spot by the fountain. The bird had appeared to have wandered away from his home and was roaming free, but must have been happy to see a friendly face, as he quickly jumped on Stephanie’s shoulder to say hello.

Just hanging out at the fountain.

Upon hearing the news, a bunch of us rushed over to meet Stephanie’s new feathered friend and were instantly smitten! But as much as we all wanted to take him home, we realized that the bird’s owner must be missing him very much so we decided to call the local humane society in hopes they could be reunited.

While we waited for them to come, we brought our new friend, who we decided to call “Bob,” into the office to ensure he wouldn’t fly away. Everyone loved meeting Bob, and he seemed to enjoy hanging out with us at the office.

Stephanie with her new friend, Bob.

Bob says hi to Tony…

…then makes a stop at John’s desk.

When it was time to say goodbye, we were all sad to see Bob leave, but we hope that he will find his owner, or perhaps meet a new family to love him. :)

Until next time,



Available Now! Support On Demand

April 1, 2014

The perfect solution. Delivered right to you!

Do you love Bluebeam’s support team? We do too! Imagine if you had members of our support team instantly available to you—day or night—to guide you to the perfect solution right from their fingertips. Well friends, the time has come! Learn how, with one button, you can instantly solve your challenges (and world peace) today with Bluebeam support on demand. An extreme new feature, the Blue Button, offers support on demand directly from your desktop (literally, your desktop).

We’ve gone above and beyond and created new technology enabling never-before-seen access to our support team. Check out our tutorial video unveiling the new Blue Button in detail. We’re sure you’re going to love it!


Denim Day at Bluebeam

March 17, 2014

Friday was Denim Day at Bluebeam, meaning it was time to don our finest denim duds from head to toe. Bluebeamers were sporting the best in denim-on-denim looks, such as jeans, denim shirts and skirts and “denim tuxedos.” A few of us even went reaching way back into our closets to find those oldies but goodies like denim jackets and acid-wash jeans. It was truly a sight to behold! Rather than explain any further, I’ll let the pictures below speak for themselves. :)

Photo 3 - Goofy_cropped

A few of our Pasadena office folks in their Denim Day finest. Don’t they
look grand?


Carissa rocks a full length denim ensemble.


Jared looks distinguished in blue.


Michelle keeps it classy with a denim tuxedo.


Will is the epitome of sophistication in his denim tux.


Jeremy contemplates greatness as he sports a
rolled up, casual look.

photo 2

Katie and Stan are ready for martini’s shaken, not stirred, in their
denim tuxes.

Until next time,


Bluebeam Pranksters Strike Again – Hello Kitty Style

January 29, 2014
Hello Kitty Keyboard_1

What a pretty keyboard you have!

It looks like somebody here has a fondness for all things cute, because Bluebeamer Aaron recently arrived at his desk to find his keyboard had been decorated with Hello Kitty stickers. The once plain, black keys are now super colorful and sparkly, and in my opinion look totally fabulous! I’m not sure that Aaron would agree with me, however—hehe—since I don’t believe he’s a big fan of sparkly…at least not in his work station, anyway. ;)

You never know who’ll be next here at Bluebeam!

Until next time,


Bluebeam Holiday Snowflake Challenge

December 23, 2013

Last week at Bluebeam, as things were winding down for the holidays, the competition started heating up with The Great Holiday Snowflake Challenge of 2013. It all started when Meg and Kristine decided to give their desks some holiday cheer by hanging decorations, including a few handmade paper snowflakes.

BB Elves

It started as just a few decorations…

It soon blossomed into a full-on competition, with Bluebeamers from every department grabbing paper and scissors, eager to outdo each other. The results were as fun and unique as the people who work here. They included everything from intricately cut paper, 3D, and Bluebeam logos, to some made out of coffee filters, aluminum foil, and even one from wood using a laser cutter! It was a spectacular sight to see!


…and before you knew it, it became this!


And this.

There were so many cool, creative contributions that it seemed only right to pick one as the best. Ultimately the Bluebeam snowflake ornament made from wood was chosen as the winner, and I say I have to agree. It was pretty awesome. Congratulations to the winners!

winning flake

The winning entry!

What a great way to end the year…I can’t wait to see what happens in 2014!

Until next time,


Just Bluebeam It!

November 6, 2013

Boss_DayWe recently heard from our friend David Rekker at MMM Group, who shared that his team decided to celebrate National Boss’s Day this year by giving him a very special trophy. Apparently David is well-known for his expertise on all things Bluebeam Revu, so they made sure to include one of his favorite quotes when getting it engraved. David got quite a kick out of the inscription and said to us, “How many trophies have you seen with ‘Just Bluebeam It’ engraved?” This is the first one I’ve heard of, and I think it’s pretty awesome!

Has using Bluebeam Revu made you famous in your office? We want to hear it, so comment below, or email me at jenn(at) to share your story.

Until next time,


A Very “Favorite Feature” Halloween at Bluebeam!

November 1, 2013

Here at Bluebeam, we love dressing up for Halloween. But we also love dressing as our favorite features in Revu, so this year we decided to combine them and have a “Favorite Feature” costume contest and Halloween treats potluck. We had a great turn out of both treats and costumes! Here are a few pics of my favorites.


The Tool Chest and Flatten Markups feature, and the Snapshot tool.


Studio Server serving up collaboration and 3D Markup indicators.

Our New Hampshire and San Diego offices got in the action too!


Some of our New Hampshire team came as their favorite face of support, a Callout, the Split Document feature, Sets, and Studio Server.


The Lasso tool rounds up the File Access tab, Redaction, Stamps, Link Saver
and the Search feature in San Diego.

There were so many awesome favorite features that it’s hard to show them all. So in the coming weeks I’ll be sharing others along with a more in-depth look at each feature and why it’s one of our favorites. Stay tuned, and have a great weekend!

Until next time,


A Night of Dragons and Dining at the AAa/e Banquet

October 9, 2013

Last Thursday, we attended the 36th Annual Asian American Architects and Engineers Awards Banquet at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. The theme of this year’s sold-out event was “Together We Build,” celebrating their scholarship program for students pursuing a career in architecture, engineering and construction in Southern California.


A beautiful scene awaited us as we entered the ballroom

The fun started around 5:00 p.m. as we mingled with fellow AEC professionals. It was great to see and catch up with so many friends. After cocktail hour, a team of traditional Chinese dragons burst onto the scene, escorting everyone to the dining room where our master of ceremonies, local news anchor David Ono,  started things off by giving us the latest score on the Dodger game. Go Dodgers!


Colorful Chinese Dragons welcome us to the ballroom

This year, in partnership with the AAa/e of Southern California, we presented our first ever “Bluebeam eXtreme Scholarship” to recipient Elizabeth Kee for her efforts to help migrant communities in Asia. While a volunteer in Thailand, Liz helped design and build five sustainable playgrounds for ethnic minority children who escaped eastern Burma’s conflict areas. We were honored to have Liz and her guest, Andrew, at our table and it was a proud moment for all when our CEO, Richard Lee, officially presented her with the award on stage. As Bluebeamer Lilian put it, “Her smile, and boldness to change her life and live in an entirely different country, left an impression with me and many more in attendance that night.”


Sasha chats with Bluebeam eXtreme Scholarship Winner, Elizabeth Kee

Thanks to the event organizers for hosting such an inspiring evening!

Until next time,



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