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New Updates Available to Revu 11 and Bluebeam Q

April 8, 2014

Even though we recently released Revu 12, some of our customers may not have been able to upgrade yet, or need to remain on Revu 11 since it’s the last version compatible with Windows XP and Vista.

For those of you still using Revu 11, we have some great news to share! Revu 11.7 is now available and contains a number of fixes we think you’ll like. And, it’s still compatible with Windows XP and Vista. For more information on everything you’ll find in this latest update, check out the complete Revu release notes.

And for all you Bluebeam Q users, Q 4.5.3 is now available! This update fixes issues primarily related to PDF stamps, protected documents and DWG conversion. Read the complete Q release notes for a full listing of everything included in this update.

Cool Spaces! A New Show for Architecture Fans

March 27, 2014
Frank Gehry at office

Cool Spaces! host Stephen Chung talks to architect Frank Gehry.

Next week, an exciting new TV series, Cool Spaces! The Best of New Architecture, will premiere on PBS, taking viewers deep inside the process of making architectural designs a reality. Hosted by Boston architect and educator, Stephen Chung, Cool Spaces! offers viewers an insider’s look at the creation of some of the best public spaces in America and all the challenges along the way, from design to completion.

Bluebeam was fortunate enough to speak with Stephen, who shared the inspiration behind the show’s creation: “The reason I wanted to make the show was to get people excited about the world of architecture. But part of the problem with contemporary design is that it can be hard to understand what it’s about. People see a crazy form and don’t get it. That’s where the show comes in. As an architect myself, I take viewers on a journey to discover what a building is all about. Along the way, we meet all of the people involved in its creation: the client, the design team and the end users. Viewers will come away from the show with a real understanding of each featured building.”

Each hour-long episode will focus on cutting-edge, contemporary spaces that push the boundaries of design. The first episode will showcase three performance spaces, the Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Texas, the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts in Missouri and the Barclays Center in New York. We’ll also meet the amazing design teams behind these creations and learn about what makes each project so special. We’ve seen a sneak peek, and trust us – you won’t want to miss it! Episodes will air nationally on PBS beginning on April 1, but as each public television affiliate sets its own air date schedule, be sure to check your local listing for exact stations, dates and times.

Until next time,


Plugin Support for Chrome and Firefox

January 9, 2014

Starting this month, the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers will begin phasing out support for the Netscape Plugin API, or NPAPI. Since most third-party plugins to Chrome and Firefox—including the plugin for Bluebeam Revu—utilize this technology, this means that once support for NPAPI is removed, the Revu plugin will no longer work within these browsers. This applies to all versions of Revu, including Revu 12, which is scheduled for release in February. Because of this, we will no longer include the Chrome and Firefox plugins with our software, starting with the release of Revu 12.

The good news is, since Microsoft Internet Explorer browser does not utilize NPAPI technology, the Revu plugin for IE will still continue to function normally.

Chrome and Firefox have yet to officially announce which versions of their browsers will no longer support NPAPI, but we promise to update you as soon as we have more news to share.

Price Changes with Bluebeam Revu 12

January 8, 2014

Revu 12 is scheduled to launch in February 2014. With the launch of Revu 12, we will be increasing the price of Bluebeam Revu. Now is a great time to save money on your Revu purchases. If you buy Revu 11 at the current regular published price, you will receive an upgrade to Revu 12 at no additional cost!

How Do I Qualify?

Glad you asked! Purchases of Bluebeam Revu made now until the launch of Revu 12 at the regular published prices are eligible for the free upgrade. No promo code or special coupon is required. View this price chart for current Revu pricing or contact for a price quote.

How Will I Receive My Free Upgrade?

Once Revu 12 is released, all eligible customers will receive an email notification with instructions on how to receive their complimentary upgrade to Revu 12.

What’s New in Revu 12?

We can’t wait to tell you the exciting features in store for you in Revu 12, but we promised to keep it under wraps for now. So, be sure to check back here or to make sure you are signed up to receive the Bluebeam Insider newsletter to get the Revu 12 scoop in February 2014.

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Revu 12 is Coming Soon!

January 7, 2014

That’s right, Revu 12 is coming in February, and we’re hitting the road to celebrate! Our “Road to Revu 12″ events will take place during January and February, and we’ll be visiting five cities across the country: Washington DC, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco and Pasadena. In each city we will be hosting complimentary Revu 12 launch parties to give you an exclusive sneak peek on how your favorite PDF collaboration solution will make it easier than ever to get your documents field-ready. Plus, we’ll be visiting some really cool projects our customers are working on. Interested in joining the fun? Register for one of our “Road to Revu 12″ launch parties today!

Oh, and don’t forget to keep up to date on our “Road to Revu 12″ adventures by checking out our weekly recap videos chock-full of customer visits, city discoveries and candid Bluebeam moments at

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Bluebeam Once Again Named to the Deloitte 2013 Technology Fast 500™ List

November 13, 2013

We’re excited to announce that for the second year in a row, Bluebeam has been recognized by Deloitte’s 2013 Technology Fast 500™, a list that ranks the 500 fastest growing technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences and clean technology companies in North America. We are #288 on the list!

photo 1  

The official announcement was made last night at a special regional event in Los Angeles and we were there to accept the honor.

photo 3

Bluebeamer, Kristine, accepting the honor at last night’s event.

You can learn more about Bluebeam’s incredible growth and the Technology Fast 500 here.

Until next time,


A New Look for the Bluebeam Community Forum

October 10, 2013

support-icon-forumWe’ve recently updated our community forum to make it an even better place to ask questions and connect with fellow Bluebeam users. In addition to a revamped interface, we’ve included some new features we think you’ll enjoy, such as the Introductions thread, which is a great place for anyone new to the forum to say hi and get to know others. We’ve also made it easier to navigate the Bluebeam Revu forum by separating it into two different sections: a General Topics thread for questions and suggestions and a Revu Technical Issues thread for reporting issues and bugs. The former Q forum has been upgraded to Advanced Technologies, covering Q, Studio Server and bFX. One of my personal faves is the Workflow forum, which now includes a Tool Set and Profile exchange where anyone from the community can share their work. Hope to see you in the community soon!

Until next time,


Topi Takes Gold and Bronze at X Games Munich Double Header

July 3, 2013

Topi takes gold

Congratulations to Bluebeam’s RallyCross driver Toomas “Topi” Heikkinen, who won gold and bronze at last weekend’s X Games in Munich, Germany!  Sunday’s victory makes him the youngest RallyCross gold medalist in X Games history. For the full race report, check out this article on the Bluebeam rally site.

Bluebeam Featured in Architectural Products

June 27, 2013

We’re excited to be included with the Theatre Consultants Collaborative (TCC) in the June 2013 issue of Architectural Products. The article highlights TCC’s use of technology in a mobile environment, specifically mentioning their use of Bluebeam Revu for editing and marking up PDFs, and Bluebeam Studio for working collaboratively with partners To read the full article visit the website, and click “Enlarge” to expand.

Bluebeam Rally Driver All Revved Up for the X Games Munich

June 25, 2013

X Games Munich Topi

Bluebeam’s Global RallyCross driver Toomas “Topi” Heikkinen is setting his sights on not one, but two gold medals this Thursday at the X Games in Munich, Germany. After last month’s rainout in Barcelona, Topi is eager to get in the driver’s seat, and this time he’s not letting anything stop him from winning gold. Check out the official press release for complete details on the race, or go to for updates on the 2013 Global RallyCross season. Topi will also be tweeting live updates over the weekend, so be sure to follow @topicrossLIVE on Twitter.

– Jenn


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