A New Bluebeam Program for Schools


I have great news for our friends in education.

No, we’re not giving away free cases of ramen noodles. Sorry to get your hopes up. But, we have expanded our academic purchasing program. We’re now offering reduced pricing not only to students and educators, but administrators and staff, too. Admit it – discounted licenses of Bluebeam are way better than dehydrated noodles and shrimp.

You can find pricing and purchasing information at our Bluebeam Store for Education.

I was really excited when our sales team told me about this new program. I’ve heard so many interesting stories from educational users: teachers using Revu to grade assignments, facilities departments converting CAD files to PDF, students using Revu on tablet pcs to take notes and even organizing thesis research.

Now everyone at a qualifying school can benefit. And of course, I’m looking forward to hearing more stories from these users. So if you have a student, teacher, administrator or school staff member in your life, let him or her know about Bluebeam’s new academic pricing. And remember to keep on PDF’ing.


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