A Snippet on Snapshot


Today my coworker Sasha brought doughnuts to work. I love doughnuts, especially maple bars.  So I quickly headed on over to the kitchen to claim one.

As I passed by one of the conference rooms, my coworker Joel was walking out. He works in tech support, and had just finished hosting a web demo for a user. He immediately started telling me how he was using the Snapshot tool.

First, let me give you a bit of background info. Snapshot lets you copy any portion of a PDF, such as a logo or a symbol. The copied content is saved onto your Windows clipboard. Then, you can paste it back into a PDF or another Windows file.

Use Snapshot to copy any portion of a PDF.

Use Snapshot to copy any portion of a PDF.

Apparently, the user Joel was working with had become a Snapshot Pro. It was interesting to hear how many different ways he uses Snapshot. He uses it to create photos, add images into emails – the whole nine yards. He even takes Snapshots of symbols, pastes them back in the PDF, and saves those markups in the Tool Chest.

“We should make sure users know how useful Snapshot is,” Joel said. “Okay,” I replied. “I’ll blog about it…just as soon as I get myself a doughnut.”

So here it is – a snippet on how Snapshot can be useful to you. So check it out, and remember to keep on PDF’ing!


PS – I did get a maple bar, and it was delicious.

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