Don’t forget to print (to PDF)


My coworker Jenna, who works on our Account Services team, shared an interesting email with me today. She’s working with a customer who is not only using Bluebeam to go paperless in the office, but at home as well.

Here’s an excerpt from his email to Jenna:

“One of the things I do is scan all my paper bills to PDF. I pay my bills electronically, and use the function in my online bill paying system to make PDFs of the payment confirmations. Then on the PDF copies of the bills, I use Revu to insert a hyperlink to link from the bill to the payment confirmation PDF.

I also scan most instruction books and associated paperwork that come with most consumer items to PDF. I use Revu’s markup tools to make notes, enter the serial numbers and all that stuff. Then I use Bluebeam to combine all documents pertaining to an item into a multipage PDF, complete with bookmarks to appropriate sections.

I’m having fun with Bluebeam. This is an awesome tool!” – Jack.

Wow. I must say, I’m really impressed by all the ways Jack is using Bluebeam to go paperless and stay organized. I mean, I like to think that my personal files at home are pretty well organized. But Jack most certainly puts me to shame!

Hmm…I think I know what I’ll be doing this weekend….

Are you like Jack? If so, tell me what types of documents and booklets you print to PDF, and what you do with the electronic files. And remember, to keep on PDF’ing!


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One Response to “Don’t forget to print (to PDF)”

  1. Frank Says:

    Wow, that’s impressive.
    In the past I used the PDF format only to view some internet documents which were saved as PDF, and to be honest, I didn’t liked it and used none of the PDF features, because Adobe Reader was slow most of the time, and made me a lot of trouble.
    After I started to study I had to do much more with PDF files, because almost all the scipts, handouts were available as a PDF file. That’s why I searched for something better than Acrobat, especially with good ink support, and found PDF Revu.
    And since I use PDF Revu I do almost everythng with PDF files. Print webpages or order acceptances to PDF, save and organize my notes and scripts as PDF files, I scanned whole books and saved them as a searchable PDF file, I just use it to archive important messages. Together with the Bookmarks it’s just great and easy to keep the files structured.
    At the moment PDF, together with PDF Revu, is the file type #1 I use.

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