Hollywood Script Supervisors Using Bluebeam on Tablet PCs


This summer’s next Hollywood blockbuster, brought to you by PDF? Well, maybe.

A while back, we released a case study from a Hollywood script supervisor, who used Bluebeam on a tablet pc to significantly reduce the amount of time spent redlining scripts and production notes, and distributing revisions to editors and producers.

This past weekend, Bluebeam was once again on Hollywood’s radar. Bluebeam user Mary Louise McCloskey was a presenter at the Digital Script Supervising Workshop. The event, hosted by Cinema Workshops in Burbank, CA, was an opportunity for script supervisors to discuss various digital technologies that could improve their workflow.

A Bluebeam user talks about how she uses Revu to annotate Hollywood scripts.

A Bluebeam user talks about how she uses Revu to annotate Hollywood scripts.

At the event, Mary Louise shared how she uses Bluebeam PDF Revu on a tablet pc to make and track notes on scripts more quickly and efficiently during her session, “The Tablet: Digital Handwriting.” She talked about Bluebeam’s various markup tools that are accessible with a tablet pen, including the pressure sensitive pen, lines, a free text tool that recognizes ink and converts it to text, and more. Additionally, McCloskey shared how she uses Bluebeam’s tool chest to save commonly used annotations for faster markup. My coworker Joel also attended the event, and answered a few questions about Bluebeam at the end of the session.

When Joel told me that he would be attending this workshop, I knew I’d have to share it with everyone on the blog. After all, it’s a pretty interesting use of Bluebeam. What do you think? And remember, to keep on PDF’ing!


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3 Responses to “Hollywood Script Supervisors Using Bluebeam on Tablet PCs”

  1. Did I really just say “No?” « The PDF Insider Says:

    […] Last weekend my coworker Joel attended a meeting for Hollywood script supervisors, which was hosted by IATSE 871. He was there to talk about how Bluebeam can be used on tablet pcs for inking production notes. […]

  2. Wayne Damore Says:

    Is there training or tutorials to help script supervisors use the Blubeam program?

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