Resizing Photos in Revu


A few weeks ago I bought a photo frame collage that looks something like this:


I like these frames because they let me display a lot of photos.  But I don’t like having to resize photos into odd shapes, like 3”x3” squares, and print them out. First, it isn’t the most exciting task, know what I mean? And second, the photo editing software I have only lets me print one image per page. Photo paper is expensive, and I hate wasting it.

Thankfully, I realized that Revu could help me resize my photos quickly and also help me save some of that precious photo paper.

You see, Revu’s Properties Panel gives you a lot of control for manipulating markups, including allowing you to resize them. In fact, the layouts portion of the Properties Panel includes a field where you can adjust your markup’s size by simply typing in the desired width and height.


So to print my photos, I used Bluebeam’s Insert Image tool to insert them into a blank PDF. Then I went straight to the Properties Panel to edit the sizes. I filled that PDF up with as many resized photos that would fit on the page, and printed it out. It was easy to do, and I didn’t waste my photo paper.

What cool things have you discovered in Bluebeam? Let me know. And remember, to keep on PDF’ing!


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One Response to “Resizing Photos in Revu”

  1. Frank Says:

    Nice idea, that’s really the easiest way to print out a few custom sized photos. Great.
    I just made small test to see how it handles those images.
    It’s interesting to see that it does not change the image itself, PDF Revu only changes the values for size and DPI. If I insert a 5×5 image with 300 DPI and insert a 10×10 image with 150DPI and resize this to 5×5 then it also has 300DPI in the PDF. That’s great to know, so no loss in quality
    That means the image does only get new calculated when printed. And now it would be interesting to know what algorithm PDF Revu uses to recalculate, maybe a 50DPI image to print quality? (Bicubic, Bilinear, Nearest Neighbor)
    Again, I like your idea, and it’s definitely a good, easy and fast way.

    PS: I didn’t know that PDF Revu even supports a mask color for images, good to know 🙂
    PPS: The image thumbnail in the properties tab is a bit buggy. If I insert a image in the PDF, save it, close it and open it again, then the thumbnail is empty. If I add a mask color, save it, close it, open it again, then the thumbnail works again.

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