Cool New Tools in Bluebeam v 7.0 You (Probably) Aren’t Using Yet


A while back I wrote about my favorite Cool Tools in Revu.  Now that version 7 (and its 20+ new features) is available, it seems fitting to update that list.  This time around, I picked features and enhancements that you may not have heard about yet.

Cool New Tool #1 – The Eye-Dropper
The eye-dropper on the color selector makes it easy to match the color of your markups to other elements in a PDF.  Just place the markup, select it and go to the style toolbar to change the color.  Instead of choosing a predefined color, select the eye-dropper.  Now, click your cursor over any colored element in the PDF to use that hue for your markup.

Color Picker

Cool New Tool # 2 – Show All Measurements
This enhancement to the measurements tool reduces redundancy.  Let’s say you need to calculate both the area and perimeter of a room.  Why measure both dimensions separately when you can kill two birds with one stone?

Show All Measurements

Any time you make an area or volume takeoff you can go to the Properties Panel and click the box Show All Measurements. When you select this box for an area measurement, both the area and perimeter will display.  When you select it for a volume measurement, the volume, perimeter, area and wall area will display.

Cool New Tool # 3 – Copying from the Markups List
For some time now Revu has allowed users to create a summary of the Markups List in PDF, CSV or XML.  New in version 7 is the ability to right click and copy from the Markups List. This is really useful if you only need to transfer data from one field into another file or application.  For example, use the counter tool to count the number of doors for a building, right click on the total and then paste into Excel.

Copy from Markups List

So what do you think of these cool new tools? Is there anything else you’ve discovered in version 7 that you think deserves a spot on this list? Let me know. And remember to keep on PDF’ing!


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