Bluebeam PDF Revu – Great for Viewing PDFs


A lot of the topics on this blog are related to PDF markup and editing.  But viewing PDFs can be just as important.  After all, you need an intuitive interface to navigate through PDF files, especially when they are large format drawings.

Here’s a list of some of the great viewing functionality that Bluebeam PDF Revu offers.

Tabbed Navigation – Bluebeam lets you open multiple PDFs, and displays a tab for each open file at the top of the interface.  Tabbed Navigation makes it easier to switch between open PDFs.

Tabbed Navigation

Pan, Zoom and Scroll – Your mouse scroll wheel holds a lot of power in Revu.  Holding it down lets you pan.  And scrolling it either zooms in and out dynamically (in Single Page Mode) or scrolls through pages (in Continuous Page Mode).  Holding the “Ctrl” key while you scroll reverts this behavior.


MultiView – Bluebeam’s MultiView technology lets you split the screen to display multiple views simultaneously.  You can split screens horizontally or vertically (up to 16 times), sync the views and even drag them across multiple monitors.


Advanced Searching – Revu’s search feature is cool, because it lets you search for keywords or phrases in the current PDF, all open PDFs or in a folder.  You can even multi-select results to apply highlights and other markups.


What’s your favorite PDF viewing feature in Bluebeam? Let me know. And remember to keep on PDF’ing!


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4 Responses to “Bluebeam PDF Revu – Great for Viewing PDFs”

  1. Frank Says:

    My favorite PDF viewing feature is the zoom control which appears after a double tap on the workspace. I miss this feature in every other software I use.
    MultiView: You said ‘and even drag them across multiple monitors.’ How can I do this? I have two monitors with a different resolution. How can I view two PDF files in maximized view on both monitors with PDF Revu.

  2. John Mckinnon Says:

    I’m currently using V 6.5.4
    and not able to send e-mailed PDF’s directly from Bluebeam using Thunderbird.
    Is there something I can set?

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