Using Bluebeam to Count from PDFs


Did you know that you can use Bluebeam PDF Revu to count elements from PDFs?  Here’s how:

Open the Measure tab in Revu.  Click the Counter tool (the 123 icon).  Use your cursor to click on each of the elements you want to count.  Revu will place a Counter annotation everywhere you click.

For example, in the PDF below I counted the risers.  For every click, Revu placed a blue square Counter annotation.  By the way – you can change the shape and color of the counter markups in the Properties tab.

The blue squares are my counter annotations

The blue squares are my counter annotations

Cool Tip – Before counting, add a description of the element in either the Subject or Label field of the Measure tab.  For example, I used “Two Story Foyer Risers”.  This will help you in a few steps, I promise.

After you’ve counted, you can find the sum in two places – the Measure tab and the Markups list.

Find your total in the Measure Tab

Find your total in the Measure Tab

Markups List-Counter

You can also find your total in the Markups List

If you entered in a description in either the Subject or Label fields of the Properties panel before counting, that text will display in the Markups list.  This is very useful if you are counting multiple items in a single PDF.

For more information on the Counter Tool, view our Measurements PDF Tutorial.  And remember to keep on PDF’ing!


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2 Responses to “Using Bluebeam to Count from PDFs”

  1. George Says:

    Dear Karen,
    I am not able to open and label item before counting. Somehow item label get locked or frozen and next even manual count is labeled with this wrong label and new count is going under wrong label. Could you please advise and guide how to do that. Or maybe there is no solution for that when too many items/rows are in the markup list?

    Thank you so much for your time and help.

    Respectfully yours,

    Gheorghe Bejenari

  2. Jenn from Bluebeam Says:

    Hi, Gheorghe. Sounds like you should probably connect with a member of our Support team. if you email us at social(at) we can ask them to email you back to see if they can help. Thanks!

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