Save Time by Searching PDFs with Bluebeam


Today I made a list of all the things you might have time to do, if only you were using Bluebeam’s search feature to review PDFs more quickly:

1.  Actually have time to eat lunch (eating at your desk does not count)

Eating Lunch 2

2.   Go home at a decent hour (without taking work with you)

Go home on time 2

3.  Clean your desk (it’s okay, my desk is messy, too)

Messy Desk 2

In all seriousness, Revu’s search tool is probably one of its most time-saving features. That’s because it lets you search for key words in three places – the current PDF, all open PDFs or all PDFs in a specified folder.  What’s more, you can multi-select search results and then apply common markups to them, such as highlighting, text editing, redaction and more.

Here’s a great example. A while back we published a case study about a postgraduate student who used Revu’s search functionality to search and redline 600 PDFs for her thesis. You can read all about it here. And remember to keep on PDF’ing!


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One Response to “Save Time by Searching PDFs with Bluebeam”

  1. Frank Says:

    Sorry to say this, but the current PDF Revu search is not as great as you say. It’s good, but well, it’s not even able to start the search from the current viewed page. No, it always starts from page 1, and if you view page 1500 at the moment then you have to wait up to a minute until it reaches the pages after page 1500. Not that great. I also haven’t found an explanation for the, in my opinion useless, checkbox ‘Search Pages’, what else should it search in?
    Else, it’s a great tool.

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