Oops, I made a mistake


I am very accident prone.  I spill hot coffee on myself and I’ve scraped my car’s side view mirror on the hedges in my driveway more than once.  I’ve also accidentally added misspelled words to Revu’s spellcheck dictionary, deleted Tool Sets and saved over Revu profiles.  Oops!

I’ve yet to figure out a way to make the chipped paint on my car magically fix itself, but I am very thankful that Bluebeam has quite a few “Do-Over” features that let me fix my mistakes.

Spellcheck – Don’t ask me how I managed to add “fixutre” into my Revu dictionary. Luckily, it’s easy to manage the Revu spellcheck dictionary. Just go to Edit/Preferences/Spelling. Highlight the word you want to remove and click the X.

Goodbye misspelled words.

Goodbye misspelled words.

Tool Set – Have you ever accidentally clicked the “x” on a Tool Set and removed it from the Tool Chest? Don’t worry, this one is really easy to fix! Just click the Manage Tool Set icon. A new window will display, showing all Tool Sets that you’ve loaded in Revu, so that you can turn it back on in the Tool Chest.

Manage Tool Set Icon

By selecting Manage Tool Sets, you’ll have the opportunity to redisplay Tool Sets in the Tool Chest.

Total Do-Over – Want to get back to Revu’s “out of the box” settings?  You can reset all of Revu’s settings by going to the Revu tab on the Bluebeam Administrator (Help/Administrator).  Just know that if you reset Revu’s settings, you’ll lose anything you’ve added to My Tools, plus any custom Tool Sets or Profiles.  So be sure to back those up before clicking Reset.

Back up your custom Tool Sets and Profiles before you click this button!

Back up your custom Tool Sets and Profiles before you click this button!

If you ever need any help figuring out how to fix another mistake, you can always contact Bluebeam tech support. And remember to keep on PDF’ing!


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