Company Letterhead, Courtesy of Bluebeam PDF Revu


I always love hearing how our customers use Bluebeam.  Yesterday my coworker Michelle forwarded me an email which describes how Bluebeam helped one of our users create a PDF of company letterhead:

“I was on the road and in a rush to email a PDF submittal out, and needed to attach a cover letter on company letterhead to the PDF. The problem was, I didn’t have access to the letterhead file on my hard drive.  So I used Bluebeam’s snapshot tool to copy my company logo from a different PDF, then pasted it onto a blank PDF file. I used the typewriter tool to type in my business address and the content of the letter, flattened the markups, then inserted the page into the PDF. It was really easy to do!  I’ve since saved the PDF letterhead as a Template in Bluebeam so I can access it in the future, just in case.”

How do you use Bluebeam? I want to know! And remember to keep on PDF’ing!


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