Brainstorming Ways to Talk Green Building with Eva Longoria Parker


Today I saw this article which says that Desperate Housewives actress Eva Longoria Parker has teamed with green building professionals to form The Greenville Project. The firm will focus on designing green retail spaces.

Eva and her green building partners. Photo from

Eva and her green building partners. Photo from

As soon as I read it, I instantly started devising plans to meet Eva. After all, I’m sure she’d be interested in hearing how Bluebeam can help her go paperless and review design data electronically.  Here’s what I’ve got so far:

  1. Make a big poster that says “Eva, try Bluebeam for PDFs!” and hold it up in front of the Universal Studios entrance (where her TV show is filmed). This is totally plausible – Bluebeam is about 20 miles away from Universal.
  2. Send her tons of fan mail letters, each with a Bluebeam trial CD inside. She just might open one! Although on second thought, this wouldn’t be very green of me.
  3. Get season tickets for the San Antonio Spurs (her husband plays for them), and go to every game in hopes of running into her at the hot dog stand. There are only a few problems with this – A) Basketball is not in season. B) I don’t live in San Antonio. C) Season tickets are expensive! D) What if she doesn’t like hot dogs?

Do you have any better ideas for how to reach Eva? Share them with me! And remember, to keeping on PDF’ing!


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