Bluebeam Usage Leads to Group Hugs?

I like my coworkers, but I’m not a “hugger.”

I like my coworkers, but I’m not a “hugger.”

Well, maybe not exactly. But we did receive a fun email the other day, describing how Bluebeam is bringing one company closer together:

“After using Bluebeam for less than a month, more like a week actually, our estimators were praising the software. With Bluebeam’s markup capabilities, they can clarify the job requirements and this removes a number of questions that arise over the course of a regular job. Bluebeam also became a great team building device. They were like little kids. One would discover a “hidden” feature and would be eager to teach the others how to do it.”


It’s great to hear that Bluebeam is uniting coworkers – while still allowing them to maintain 18 inches of personal space. How has Bluebeam changed your office? Let me know. And remember, to keep on PDF’ing!


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