Did I really just say “No?”



I just turned down an opportunity to go to the set of one of my favorite television shows! Crazy, I know…but let me explain.

Last weekend my coworker Joel attended a meeting for Hollywood script supervisors, which was hosted by IATSE 871. He was there to talk about how Bluebeam can be used on tablet pcs for inking production notes.

One of the most interested attendees just so happens to be the script supervisor for a very popular ABC drama…which is also one of my favorite shows! She invited Joel to bring a colleague and visit the set so we can see how she uses Bluebeam on a tablet. And Joel asked me to come with him!

But here’s the problem. I get very star-struck. Once, I was at a restaurant and saw the entire cast of Heroes. I stared at them throughout the entire meal.  Also, I saw Matthew Perry at a Dodgers’ game, and (inadvertently) yelled out “It’s Chandler!!” to the entire field box. Oops.

So when Joel asked me, I knew I had two choices:

  1. Go, make a total fool out of myself and get in trouble with the Bossman.
  2. Decline, and maintain some sense of dignity.

Do you think I made the right choice? Let me know. And remember, to keep on PDF’ing!


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