Last Chance to Vote for Bluebeam



Time is running out! The Call for Nominations for Construction Computing Magazine’s Hammer Awards closes on Thursday, and Bluebeam needs your vote!

As I posted in the blog last month, the UK’s Construction Computing Magazine hosts the Hammer Awards every year to recognize the best software vendors and products. First they announce an open call for nominations. Then the companies with the most nominations are named finalists. Award winners will be chosen in November by magazine readers.

The call for nominations closes on September 3rd, so if you feel that Bluebeam deserves an award, please take a few moments to nominate us! Here’s how:

  1. Click here to go to the awards website.
  2. Click the Nominate Now link on the website’s left menu bar.
  3. Select “Construction Computing Magazine – One to Watch – Product” from the Category drop down menu, enter in your contact information, type in “Bluebeam Software” in the Company 1 field, “Bluebeam PDF Revu” in Product 1 field and click Submit.

Thanks, and remember to keep on PDF’ing!


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2 Responses to “Last Chance to Vote for Bluebeam”

  1. Mário Leal Says:

    It’s very easy to work with Bluebean pdf’s

  2. Richard Wilson Says:

    an outstanding program, invaluable in my work both at work and at home.

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