People think we’re easy


It seems that Bluebeam has gotten itself quite the reputation…for being easy.  Just take a look at what our users have been emailing us:

“Bluebeam has made reviewing documents much easier without having to go back and forth between numerous programs.”

“I didn’t think I could find something better than Adobe Acrobat, but Bluebeam is easier to use and fits my needs much better.”

“I am pleased with Bluebeam’s ease of use.”

“Bluebeam is very easy to use…now all I need to do is convince my boss that I need it!”

Do you think Bluebeam’s the easiest PDF editor on the block? Let me know. And remember to keep on PDF’ing!


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One Response to “People think we’re easy”

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    […] week I posted some comments from people who think we’re easy. This week, my coworkers in Account Services sent me some more easy feedback: “Bluebeam is an […]

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