Guess where Bluebeam’s going next!


“Bluebeam kommer till Sverige!”

Sweden's Flag

For those of you who don’t speak Swedish, that (hopefully) says “Bluebeam is going to Sweden!” And no, we’re not going to load up on meatballs and IKEA furniture, although that wouldn’t be so bad.

You see, tomorrow is the opening day of Tekniska Mässan, the biggest technical fair for the Nordic and Baltic regions’ manufacturing industries. Bluebeam will be exhibiting and demonstrating Bluebeam PDF Revu all week long as a featured partner in the CADtorget booth, #A01:40. And we have a pretty cool announcement coming up, too. So stay tuned, both to this blog and Twitter (I’m @Bluebeam), where I’ll be sharing photos of Team Bluebeam and tweets from my coworker Stephani, who is attending the show. And remember, to keep on PDF’ing!


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One Response to “Guess where Bluebeam’s going next!”

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    […] its Paperless Message to the AIA CC Monterey Design Conference By karenpdf This week, team Bluebeam is in Sweden. But last week, we were representing the paperless movement on California’s Central Coast during […]

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