Bluebeam + Sweden = Good Times


Last week Team Bluebeam exhibited at Tekniska Mässan in Stockholm, Sweden to announce the new Swedish version of Bluebeam PDF Revu. As they say in Swedish, the show was a jättesuccé (huge success). The team even had a chance to do a little exploring around Stockholm and good times were had by all!

You can see for yourself in the slide show below. Now, you’ll notice that I’m missing from these photos. You see, this is yet again another cool trip that I did not go on (to read more of my complaints, see this, and this). But that’s okay, because from the looks of these photos, it was really cold in Stockholm last week! And, as a California native, I consider anything below 70ºF “freezing.”

I hope you enjoy the photos (from inside your warm office), and remember to keep on PDF’ing!


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