Make your redlines stand out


How many markups are on this drawing?

It’s a little hard to tell because the markups blend in with this colorful drawing, right? Well, don’t worry. You don’t need to see an eye doctor or send away for special decoder glasses. You just need to use Bluebeam’s Dimmer tool to dim the underlying content of your PDFs. This will surely make your redlines stand out! You’ll find this nifty feature in the bottom right-hand corner of Revu. It looks like a light bulb.

Here’s the Dimmer!

Here’s the Dimmer!

You can even control just how much Revu will dim the underlying content. See, I’ve chosen to dim this PDF drawing by 40%.


And with those simple steps, we now have a dimmed PDF! Look how much easier it is to see the six markups.


So, the next time you’re reviewing a PDF and have difficulty figuring out what’s a markup and what’s part of the original file, don’t reach for your phone to schedule an optometry appointment. Just hit Bluebeam’s Dimmer tool, and keep on PDF’ing!


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2 Responses to “Make your redlines stand out”

  1. chantha Says:

    i want download free of bluebeam software.

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