Tips for Calculating Takeoffs from PDF


For all those who measure, estimate and count off drawings, this post is for you!

Today I’ve compiled a list of tips and resources for using Bluebeam PDF Revu to get length, area, perimeter, diameter and volume take-offs from PDFs, and for counting off PDFs, too. Take a look:

Take-off Tip #1
Use Bluebeam’s Measurements Profile

Bluebeam includes a variety of profiles, or interface configurations. What’s the best one for calculating take-offs? The Measure profile! It’ll remove unnecessary icons from your toolbars, and add useful columns in Bluebeam’s Markups list for displaying measurements in decimal format. These columns make it super easy to export the data to Excel for further calculations. Trust me.

To choose the Measure profile, click the man with the bow-tie in the bottom right-hand corner of Revu, then select “Measure.”

Take-off Tip #2
Calibrate, calibrate, calibrate!

Sure, you can enter the scale listed on your drawing directly into Bluebeam’s Measurement tab. But don’t you want to double check to make sure that scale is correct? That’s what I figured, and that’s why the calibrate tool is so useful for take-offs. Just select it, click the start and end point of a measurement you already know, enter in that value and you’re ready to go!

Calibrate is your friend.

Take-off Tip #3
Snap to Content

It’s so much easier to get an accurate measurement off a PDF when your take-off tool snaps to the drawing’s lines. And that’s just what Bluebeam PDF Revu does – it recognizes vector data, and gives you the option to snap to it. Sweet! To turn this feature on, check the “Snap to Content” box in the Measurements Tab.

Take-off Tip #4
Watch this video!

It’s everything you ever needed to know about using Bluebeam for take-offs! Watch Bluebeam University’s Custom Measurement Tools video, and become a pro at getting digital take-offs from PDF. Learn how to calibrate and measure, and also how to save custom take-off tools and export measurement data into Excel for further calculations.

Watch the video here, or go to the Bluebeam University page and click on Custom Measurement Tools.

Still want more information? Read how this Bluebeam user calculated 2,700 measurements with Revu – in just 3 days. And remember, to keep on PDFin’!


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