Stamping 1600 PDF pages in seconds


I love hearing positive feedback from customers, especially stories like this:

“Bluebeam saved the day for me when I had 1600 pages to Bates-stamp and have sent out THAT DAY.  That project would have taken me at LEAST two or three days to do without it.”
– Debra

Bates-stamping or Bates-numbering, for those who don’t know, is a type of numbering system that places unique identifiers on the top of documents, and it’s very common in the legal and medical fields. Bluebeam’s implementation of Bates Stamping is pretty simple, so it’s no wonder that Debra was able to Bates-stamp her 1600 page PDF so quickly.

1)      Go to Documents/Headers and Footers:

2)      Click on the Bates Stamping button, enter in desired number of digits, start number and prefix or suffix.

3)      Click OK and you’re good to go!

Has Bluebeam ever helped you out of a pinch? If so, let us know how. And remember, to keep on PDFin’!


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One Response to “Stamping 1600 PDF pages in seconds”

  1. Frank Says:

    now I understand the meaning of the bates numbers 🙂
    I use the Header and Footer tool often, and I really like it. It’s flexible, it’s powerful. It’s a great feature and a must have for a PDF editor.
    I use it to add page numbers to my notes, which I print and bind later to learn with them. With the crop page tool and this page numbering feature I can create perfect print-outs. Thank you and keep on improving PDF Revu.

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