My 3 Favorite Customization Features in Revu 8


When I think of Bluebeam PDF Revu 8, I can’t help but be reminded of my favorite 80s rock band, Journey. After all, with all new, customizable options in Bluebeam, you really can have it “any way you want it.”

But, enough about hair bands. When it comes to giving users control over how software works and looks, Revu 8 really hits the mark, especially with these three customization features, which also happen to be my favorites.

Favorite Customization Feature #1 – Customizable Toolbars

I know I’m not the only one excited about this feature. Many users, including our faithful tablet pc followers, have requested the ability to create custom toolbars. And with Revu 8, that’s now possible. Just go to View/Toolbars/Customize to Add, Modify and Delete toolbars.

Favorite Customization Feature #2 – New Profiles, Including Multiple Monitors

Revu’s Profiles are a quick way to change the configuration of the Interface. You can make a Profile by relocating toolbars and tabs, then going to View/Profiles/Save Profile. This isn’t new. However, Revu 8 revamps the profiles shipped with Bluebeam, and even provides one for those of you who work with multiple monitors. Pretty sweet!

Favorite Customization Feature #3 – Custom Columns

I’ve saved the best for last! New in Revu is the ability to add custom columns in the Markups list, and configure them with formulas, check boxes and more. This is so much more than just a way to customize Bluebeam – it really does turn the Markups list into a worksheet for a variety of functions, including performing cost calculations from PDF takeoffs. Learn how to use Custom Columns in this video.

So go ahead, use these new features to have Revu any way you want it. And remember, to keep on PDFin’!


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One Response to “My 3 Favorite Customization Features in Revu 8”

  1. Frank Says:

    #1 – Customizable Toolbars:
    Perfect done, great

    #2 – New Profiles, Including Multiple Monitors:
    Nice to have, but PDF Revu still has no real multiple monitor support. You can’t view two different PDF files on two monitors with PDF Revu only.

    #3 – Custom Columns:
    I don’t use or need it, but it seems to be quite handy in the corporate world.

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