New Bluebeam features for getting takeoffs from PDFs


Bluebeam has always been a great tool for getting takeoffs from PDFs. But with the release of Revu 8, great got even better! Take a look at these enhanced features for measuring and counting from PDFs:

Estimation Profile
This is the new, must-have profile for anyone using Bluebeam’s measurement tools. It displays all the measurement options on a Revu toolbar, adds special length and area columns in the markups list (that show values in decimal format) and adds special Curves and Sequenced Markups tool sets in the Tool Chest. It’s everything and the kitchen sink!

Radius Measurement
Calculate a radius by clicking two points along a curve. So simple!

Sequence Markups
It’s a new way to count from Bluebeam. Group any markup with a text box, save it to your Tool Chest then right-click to sequence the markup. Every time it’s placed, the text field will update sequentially. Cool!

Markups List Columns and Formulas
If you’re preparing estimates, you can now get takeoffs from your PDFs and let the Markups List take care of all the cost calculations. Add custom columns with formulas and calculations, so data such as material cost, square footage and more is automatically calculated as you measure off your PDF. Learn more about this feature in the Columns & Formulas Video on this page.

What’s your favorite new feature for getting takeoffs from PDF? Let me know. And remember, to keep on PDFin’!


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