A nifty way to use Bluebeam’s Action Markups


Action Markups (new in Revu 8) are a cool enhancement to Bluebeam. Now you can take any annotation and configure it to open a website, jump to a specific portion of the PDF or open an entirely different file when clicked.

In my opinion, one of the niftiest ways to use this new tool is to drag and drop related files over annotations, instantly linking them to the markup. It’s great for easily sharing images, RFIs, specifications and other files that help answer project questions.

Let me show you what I mean:

This PDF has a few comments that are referring to other documents and images. Rather than just describing where viewers can find additional information, you can now attach those files directly to the markups.

Just drag and drop a file from the File Explorer, your desktop or other Explorer window on top of the markup.

Now the cloud markup is configured to open up the staircase image when clicked. You can tell that a markup is configured to perform an action because it will display a little lightning bolt to the bottom right of the annotation (see the circled area below).

The lightning bolt tells the tale!

Now when clicked, this markup will open the associated image.

Don’t forget to use Action Markups the next time you need to reference or attach additional files, and remember to keep on PDFin’!


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