Using Bluebeam as a layout program


A few weeks ago I received this PDF from a Bluebeam user who wanted to show me what he is doing with Revu:

Now, I always love seeing how our customers use our software. But I was especially excited to see this PDF. Why? Well, because the user created this file by using Bluebeam as a layout application. Every single image, cloud and text box in this file is actually an annotation made in Revu!

See, the entire PDF is made out of Bluebeam markups. Cool!

You can use Bluebeam as a layout program for field reports and other document types, too. Start with a blank PDF, or a PDF template. Then, like this user, add snapshot annotations or use the insert image tool to add photos. Use the text box or typewriter tool to add notes, and even add shapes like clouds, rectangles and ellipses. To make it easier to place markups, use Revu’s alignment toolbar.

Align, distribute or flip markups using the Alignment Toolbar.

You can also select an annotation and adjust its X and Y coordinates, width, height or rotation in the Properties Panel.

Find lots of markup layout options in the Properties Panel.

What type of documents will you make using Bluebeam PDF Revu as a layout program? Share them with me! And remember, to keep on PDFin’!


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One Response to “Using Bluebeam as a layout program”

  1. Frank Says:

    yep, the annotation feature and easy to use tools open unlimited possibilities.
    If I want to review an image, I convert it to PDF, increase the page size and add annotations. If I collect informations, I use the Windows snipping tool or print a webpage to PDF and use the snapshot tool and add them in a new PDF document to collect them and annotate them. Or do a lot of other things, like creating 1:1 sized print-outs of some electronic parts, using the measurement and snapshot tool, …
    In the past, I had to switch to CorelDraw or Adobe Photoshop, now, most of the things can be done with PDF Revu, faster and a lot easier.

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