How the £©‡™± do I add these symbols to my PDFs?


A few days ago a Bluebeam user Tweeted me and asked, “How do you type a ™ or © to a text markup in Bluebeam?” The answer is to show some love to your keyboard’s Alt key.

Alt: It’s not just for killing programs along with Ctrl and Delete.

In Windows, Alt can be used in conjunction with the numeric keypad to the right of your alphabet keys to add a variety of special symbols, letters with accents and so on. And, you guessed it; these magical codes work in all text markups (text box, typewriter, callout and leader line) in Revu. For example, to get the trademark logo, just hit Alt + 0153. Need the copyright symbol? Go press Alt + 0169. Nice!

You can find a directory of Windows Alt numeric codes here. And remember, to keep on PDFin’!


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