Using Bluebeam to design our AIA booth


A few weeks ago we announced that we’re going to have a huge, 20 ft x 30 ft booth at AIA this June, and we posted some sneak peek images, too. Today, we’re giving you a glimpse at our design process, to show you how Bluebeam PDF Revu helped create Bluebeam’s largest trade show booth ever. Take a look:

During the design phase we used Revu to redline PDF drawings of our plans.

We also made PDF image boards to spec out booth components. Thank you Insert Image tool!

Sequenced markups are a nifty way to layout computer stations.

Revu’s markup tools even helped us plan out our computer and monitor connections.

Stay tuned for more hints about our booth and the amazing new technology we’ll be launching at AIA. And remember, to keep on PDFin’!


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    […] photo was taken in Bluebeam’s lobby yesterday afternoon. It has something to do with our huge booth at the upcoming AIA Expo taking place this June in Miami. And it is most definitely related to the […]

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