Help us save Sammy the pigeon!


Look what we found in our office this morning:

It’s Sammy the pigeon. Somehow over the weekend this bird made Bluebeam his new home. We’ve been trying all morning long to relocate Sammy back to the great outdoors (aka Pasadena city streets). First we called animal control.

But Sammy was perched so high up, he couldn’t be caught. Then we tried to make a pigeon trap, complete with bread crumbs as bait.

But Sammy’s one smart pigeon, and didn’t fall for our ploy. We’ve even opened up our balcony doors and posted pictures of pigeons outside, hoping Sammy will want to meet up with his feathered friends.

No luck yet! Do you know how we can safely and humanely relocate Sammy? If so, let me know! And remember, to keep on PDFin’!


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