Your first glimpse at Bluebeam’s new technology


This isn’t a normal screenshot of Bluebeam PDF Revu, I promise.

Bluebeam Hint

Click to enlarge

It’s your first look at cool new tools we’re launching this June at AIA Miami. I know, I know, it doesn’t look like much of a hint…yet. This image is just a teeny, tiny part of the puzzle. But if you look carefully, there are three clues in this image. Can you find them? Comment below to let me know. And remember, to keep on PDFin!


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11 Responses to “Your first glimpse at Bluebeam’s new technology”

  1. Debra Wood Says:

    Parking Space!!!

    Yellow “x marks the spot” indicator

    Start tab

    • karenpdf Says:

      The “X” is one of the clues, congrats! The Start tab is existing, though, and the “Parking Space” text is actually just a markup. 🙂

  2. Gordon Says:

    Fit the contents of an annotation to width, height, or (fit to dimensions) of a containing object, or selected object? Didn’t recognize the toolset next to the alignment set (second row from the top left).

  3. karenpdf Says:

    Hi Gordon – Those toolbars are new, but included in version 8 that was launched back in February. There is a clue on the toolbar, though…

  4. Arnold Says:

    What about the little “Fl” text Between the Red Flag and the “A” for text ? can’t seem to reproduce that on my Revu 8

  5. karenpdf Says:

    The “A” is existing, it’s the icon for the text box tool. And the “Fl” is my mistake – my Flag panel was slightly open when I took this screen shot. Sorry!

    Interesting how the Flag icon on the toolbar is grayed out, though. Hmmm….


  6. Gordon Says:

    The flag icon is greyed out, along with a few other tools (document rotating & flattening annotatons) because you can’t modify the structure of the pdf… and that’s probably because you’re marking a document that is being accessed remotely instead of locally on your drive.

    Still haven’t found what’s different on the toolbar, though I noticed an icon on the tab of the active document. Maybe a clue of the PDF source?

  7. Gordon Says:

    I should clarify that… a document that is being shared with other users to collaborate on together. You can certainly modify a pdf on a server.

  8. karenpdf Says:

    Interesting thought. But you know, this PDF has security settings applied to it (see the “lock” icon in the bottom right). 😉

    Thanks everyone for your guesses. Stay tuned for more clues.

  9. ChrisRS Says:

    I dont see the “hints” but guess irt has something to do with colaboration and the new technology/(product?)

  10. Bluebeam Podcast – AIA 2010 « The PDF Insider Says:

    […] AIA 2010 is next week! We’ve been gearing up for this trade show for months by talking about the new technology we’ll be releasing and posting sneak peek images and video of our superhero-themed […]

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