Where do you wear your Bluebeam t-shirt?


The other day we received this photo from James, a Bluebeam user from Design Data, wearing his Mighty Bluebeam t-shirt!

James is representing the MB!

In his email, James explains that he was at the AISC NASCC conference, and one morning decided to wear his Mighty Bluebeam t-shirt to his booth. And, attendees loved it!

So I got to thinking…where do Bluebeamers where their Bluebeam t-shirts? Send me a photo to let me know, and I’ll share it on this blog. Don’t have a Bluebeam t-shirt? I’ve grabbed a stash of them. Email me your address, let me know what size you would like, and I’ll mail one right out to you. And remember, to keep on PDFin’!


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