One of my favorite Bluebeam features…Copy PDF Pages


Bluebeam PDF Revu offers a lot of PDF editing features for assembling PDF documents such as combining PDF pages, inserting new pages, and more. These options can be accessed by right-clicking in Revu’s thumbnails panel.

PDF editing galore!

My personal favorite, though, is the Copy Pages features. Simply select a PDF thumbnail (or multi-select two or more using the Ctrl key or the Shift key to select a range of PDF pages), and then right click and select Copy Pages.

I love Copy Pages!

Note – if you prefer, you can select Cut Pages, instead.

Once copied (or cut), right-click in the thumbnails panel in the location you want the pages to appear, then select Paste Pages. You can even paste the page into an entirely different PDF!

Paste into the same or a different PDF.

The end result – the RFI PDF page has been pasted in front of the PDF drawing.

What’s your favorite Bluebeam feature? Let me know. And remember, to keep on PDFin’!


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18 Responses to “One of my favorite Bluebeam features…Copy PDF Pages”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    When I crop a drawing sheet to make a small mark up , the file size remains large as the file appears to carry thentire (uncropped) drawing as well – how do I shed the other info (and gallutin size!)?

  2. karenpdf Says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    Thanks for your feedback! From your question, it sounds like you are using the Document > Page Setup function to crop a page. Is this correct? The crop tool affects the viewable area which allows you to revert back to another cropped dimension at a later date. As such, it does not permanently remove content from the PDF file.

    If you are looking to simply grab a section of a PDF file and paste it to another document, this sounds like something the Snapshot tool could help you with. I’m enclosing a short tutorial on how to use the Snapshot tool below.

    Let me know if you have any other questions!

    -Karen (at)

    • Beth Says:

      My question is the same as Jonathan’s but using snapshot won’t work for me since I am creating layers from the files.
      I need the final file to be as small as possible.

      I know I can create a blank layer and paste a snapshot but I prefer to use the alignment points to help preserve the scaling.

      Any suggestions?
      Thank you,

      • Jenn from Bluebeam Says:

        Hi Beth,

        Thanks for your question! We’d need a little more info to help you find the best solution. If you email me at jenn(at) I can have one of our support team members get in touch. Thanks!

  3. Jonathan Says:

    Bluebeam rocks!
    Thanks Karen

  4. Jonathan Says:

    Here’s another question –
    On my Start Up screen there are several boxes down the left hand side of the screen; clicking on Tool Sets, Stamps and Profiles all result error messages – can I fix this or is there another way to launch these features?

  5. karenpdf Says:

    Hi Jonathan – Here are so me instructions from tech support for resolving this issue:

    To resolve this issue, clear the Start Page contents files. New copies of the files will be created then next time that Revu is started.

    Windows XP:
    – Close Revu, if it is running.
    – Open the folder “C:\\Documents and Settings\\All Users\\Application Data\\Bluebeam Software\\Redline\\StartPage\\”
    – Delete all of the files in the “StartPage” folder.
    – Restart Revu.

    Windows 7 and Vista:
    – Close Revu, if it is running.
    – Open the folder “C:\\ProgramData\\Bluebeam Software\\Redline\\StartPage\\”
    – Delete all of the files in the “StartPage” folder.
    – Restart Revu.

    Also, Tutorials, Stamps and Profiles can be found at Videos can be viewed at and the Insider newsletter at

    Take care,

  6. Shelly Myers Says:

    Question: When I open a document, pdf it, and choose “save as”, bluebeam is saving it where I specify with correct location and name; however, it is also saving another copy of the same document in another location (typically whatever is listed in my “recent files”) with a random name. It never used to do this. How can I make it NOT do this?

    • Karen from Bluebeam Says:

      Hi Shelly,

      Thanks for getting in touch. It sounds like the “Prompt for file name” (a creation option) is turned off. If you are creating PDFs with the Bluebeam plugins, go to those native applications (AutoCAD, Word, etc.) and click the Change Settings plugin. Fill in the “Prompt for file name” check box and click OK.

      If you are creating PDFs using the Bluebeam PDF printer, go to Start/All Programs/Bluebeam Software/Bluebeam Administrator. Click the Printer tab. Click “Restart” then fill the “Prompt for file name” and “Open in viewer” check boxes and click OK.

      Let me know if this fixes the issue or if you still encounter problems.

      karen (at)

  7. Rosalinda Guerrero Morales Says:

    Is it possible to copy just the text within the pdf and paste it into an email or word document?

    • Jill from Bluebeam Says:

      Hi Rosalinda,

      You can easily copy text by using the “Select Text” tool under the Edit tab. The “Select Text” tool will allow you to highlight text on a PDF. Once the text that you’d like to copy is highlighted you can either right-click with your mouse and select copy, our use the keyboard shortcut “Control + C”. For more information on editing text within a PDF document, you can also check out this “Ask Greg” article that was in the March issue of our Insider newsletter:

      Take care,
      Jill (at)

  8. Laura Kraft Says:

    How do I copy comments from one page and paste them to the rest of the pages in the document (or a specified page range) in the same location on each page?

    • Kyle from Bluebeam Says:

      Hi Laura, Thank you for reaching out. You can copy a markup to all pages by right clicking the mark-up and selecting “apply to all pages.” This will apply the markup in the same location on each page of the PDF. Let me know if any trouble, or you can also contact Best, Kyle at Bluebeam

    • Hashim Mg Says:

      Thank You sooo much !…QC just got sooo much better !

  9. Tracy Shaw Says:

    I have been using Documents>Pages>Insert Pages to combine pages indicating if I want it to combine 2 PDF’s before or after the first or last page. It’s one of my favorite features and I use it repeatedly. Suddenly, it doesn’t work and opens a new window on where I want to save a document. Not sure what happened.

    • Jenn from Bluebeam Says:

      Hi Tracy,

      It sounds as if you may be working with a secured PDF, which would not allow you to insert or combine pages. To check, select Document > Security to open the Document Properties window. Then select the Security tab and view the Document Restrictions Summary which will show you what is allowed or restricted. Hope this helps!

      Best, Jenn at Blubeam

  10. Patrik Andersson Says:

    I would like to be able to mark several pages like showed above and then copy to a brand new file. How do you accomplish that?

    • Jenn from Bluebeam Says:

      Hi Patrik, After you’ve made your markups and copied the pages, just select File > New to create a new document. You can then paste your page(s) with the markups into this new file.

      Best, Jenn

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