Give the gift of Bluebeam


We’ve been getting some interesting calls and emails here at Bluebeam lately…not only from Bluebeam users, but from their friends and family members, too. It seems as though quite a few of you are wishing for Bluebeam PDF Revu this holiday season! As the mother of one Bluebeam user told my coworker, Michelle:

“My daughter uses Bluebeam at work and now wants to have it on her home computer; she has put it on her Christmas list.”

 Another Bluebeam user told my coworker Renee:

“I’m asking my family for a seat of Bluebeam for the holidays. This way, when I need to work late I can do so at home close to them, instead of in the office.”

It all makes sense to me! Even better, if you already have a license of Bluebeam at work, you just may qualify for a special, discounted “Professional Home Use” license to use on your personal computer. Contact our Account Services team at or 626-296-2140 ext. 1 for eligibility details. And remember, to keep on PDFin’.


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