Use Bluebeam to Link PDF Markups to Important Information


One of my favorite features in Revu is Action Markups. With the release of version 8 earlier this year, any markup can be assigned an action (Jump to Page, Jump to Snapshot View, Hyperlink to a Website or Open a File). It’s a great feature for linking markups to relevant information such as details on a drawing, a section of a building code to explain a violation, photos of products or product data sheets – the list goes on and on.  Below is a quick how-to on this great feature.

Start by making a markup, right-clicking on it and selecting “Edit Action.”

Next, choose what type of action you want this markup to perform. In this example, we’re going to jump to snapshot view (Tip – the selected snapshot view can be on the current PDF page, or a different PDF page. Nice!).

When you choose Snapshot View, you’ll need to press the Get Rectangle button to define the snapshot area. You have a variety of options to navigate to the desired area – use the scroll bars, hold down the middle mouse button to pan or scroll the middle mouse button to zoom. You can even switch between pages through the thumbnails panel.

Once you’re at the right spot, hold down the left mouse button as you drag out a rectangle of the snapshot area. You’ll see a blue flash to confirm your selection. Don’t worry, if you make a mistake, Bluebeam allows do-overs!

After you assign your action, a lightning bolt will display to the bottom right of the markup.

When clicked, the markup will perform the assigned action (in this case, jump to the snapshot view I selected).


To ensure that PDFs with Action Markups will work if you send the file to someone who uses a different PDF editor, right click on the markup and flatten it before you send.

The lightning bolt will disappear, and now the entire markup will perform the action when clicked.

So there you have it – Action Markups. Let me know what helpful uses you find for this nifty feature, and remember to keep on PDFin’!


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