Bluebeam Pride Runs in the Family


Here’s a fun story that just goes to show that Bluebeam pride runs in the family. The other day my coworker Renee called me over to her desk. She wanted to show me a huge stack of business cards of companies interested in Bluebeam…that her mother collected!

You see, Renee is from Illinois, and her father is a member of the local school board. About a month or so ago, her parents attended Lighting the Way, a joint annual conference between the Illinois Associations of School Boards, School Administrators and School Business Officials. The conference’s exhibit hall was full of building contractors who specialize in school building projects. Renee’s mom, being so proud of the company that her daughter works for, took it upon herself to say hello to every single one of these exhibitors. She talked to them about how Bluebeam can help them save big by reviewing and editing PDF drawings and other design documents digitally!

Renee with the big stash of business cards collected by her awesome mom!

What can we say – the love of Bluebeam is a family affair!

Have your parents ever gone above and beyond to promote your work? Share your story below! And remember, to keep on PDFin’!


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