A Toner-Saving Bluebeam Trick


Sometimes you’ve just got to print. I get that. Last week I went on a business trip and was reminded of this fact when printing my boarding pass. I can’t believe how much additional stuff some airlines add to boarding passes. Even when I choose the “No, I don’t want terminal and destination information” I always seem to get something extra printed out on the page.

Enter Bluebeam.

I realized that instead of printing directly to the printer, I can instead print to PDF. Then in Revu, I can use Bluebeam’s snapshot tool to copy just the boarding pass information. In case you don’t know, our snapshot feature copies raster and vector images from a PDF so that you can paste them elsewhere – in a different location on the same PDF, into a new PDF or into another Windows application like an Outlook message. For the purposes of printing just what you want, I think the best option is to paste a snapshot onto a blank PDF. That way when you hit print, you are just using toner to print the information you want – and not all those extras.

I know it’s a few extra steps, but for the toner-conscious, this trick could help save quite a bit of ink over time. After all, think about all the documents that you absolutely need to print. Do you really need the entire document…or just a portion of it? If your answer is the latter, then the snapshot tool just might help you save some toner…and money. 

Do you have any other nifty ink-saving tricks to share? Let me know. And remember, to keep on PDFin’!


2 Responses to “A Toner-Saving Bluebeam Trick”

  1. David Kingham Says:

    You can go paperless more than likely now if you have a smartphone, it’s becoming very common

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