Save Pantone’s New Color of the Year (and other hues) in Bluebeam PDF Revu


Pantone has such a fun way of describing colors that I always look forward to their annual “Color of the Year” press release. In honor of their recent announcement that Honeysuckle is the color of 2011, here’s a Bluebeam tip for saving custom colors in Revu so you can easily apply them to any markup.

1) Open a PDF that contains a vibrant hue you want to save. If the file is not in PDF form, then use the Bluebeam PDF Printer to create a PDF. In this example, I’m making a PDF of Pantone’s website.

2) Now that you have your PDF opened in Revu, select any markup from the toolbar. Hover over the Fill Color button the toolbar and choose the eye-dropper.

3) Your cursor will now turn into the eye-dropper. Hover it over the color you want to save into Revu and click the left mouse button to capture it. Note – as you move your eye-dropper cursor, a box in the bottom right-hand corner of Revu will preview the hue.

4)  Now go back to the Fill Color icon and select “Custom” from the color selector palette, then “Define Custom Colors.”

5) Click “Add to Custom Colors” and it will always be available for you to use as a fill or line color in any markup.

Get colorful, and remember to keep on PDFin’!


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