Some Curvy Bluebeam Tricks


Perhaps one of Bluebeam’s best-kept secrets is the ability to not only add arcs to PDFs using this annotation on the tool bar…

…but also to add curves to polylines and polygons. I received a few customer questions about curves this week, and support taught me two new tricks that I thought I’d share with you.

1)  The “Alt” key helps you draw a better arc.

When drawing an arc, hold down the “Alt” key to click the start point, the middle point and the end point. This trick will help you get just the right arc that you’re looking for.

2)  Polylines make great arcs, too.

Another great way to make an arc is to draw an angle with the polyline tool. Right click on the middle control point…but don’t choose “Convert to Arc.” Instead, go to Control Point/Convert. This will instantly convert the angle into an adjustable curve with fixed endpoints.

For more resources on drawing arcs and curves in Revu, check out this PDF tutorial and this video tutorial. And remember, to keep on PDFin’!


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