Revu 9 Podcast, Part 1 – Bluebeam Developers Reveal Upcoming Features


Based on some of the feedback we got last month about keeping upcoming Revu 9 and eXtreme features a secret, I’m thinking this post will be a hit (fingers crossed).

Today you can finally hear, in detail, about some of the new features coming out in Revu 9 and eXtreme. Just tune in to part 1 of our 2 part podcast series with Peter and Jon from the Bluebeam development team. The podcast is just under 14 minutes long:

Part 2 of the podcast series will be released on launch day later this month along with the full list of features available in Bluebeam PDF Revu 9 and Revu eXtreme.

Which new feature are you most excited about? Comment below to let us know. And remember, to keep on PDFin’!


22 Responses to “Revu 9 Podcast, Part 1 – Bluebeam Developers Reveal Upcoming Features”

  1. Keith Says:

    I’m really looking forward to the OCR capabilities in Revu 9.

  2. Chris Frazier Says:

    The multimonitor features sound awesome!

    When is launch day? I know it’s sometime in March, but that’s it.

  3. Tomas Hosak Says:

    What will be the cost of the new version Revu 9?

  4. Greg Says:

    Will Extreme have the functionality of Revu CAD9 also, or will Revu CAD 9 users who want OCR require both products?

    • Karen from Bluebeam Says:

      Hi Greg,

      That’s a great question. Yes, Revu eXtreme will have all the features of Revu CAD, plus the additional eXtreme features.

      Take care,
      karen (at)

  5. Spectra Says:

    Will those of us that upgrade from Revu 8 to 9 via maintenance have an upgrade path to Extreme? Or will Extreme be a totally different product all in its self?

  6. Rick Says:


    So much to get excited about. I’m very much looking for the multiple monitor enhancements. How can I download it right now, please let me know. Thank you!

    Have a super day!

  7. Oun Kwon Says:

    Have you had time to fix a bugaboo of a big bug ;-< in your program?

    It does not import the endnotes in MS Word file into the pdf file except the very first page. I have been waiting for the fix since Spring last year.


  8. Jeanne Young Says:

    Dual monitor functionality = awesome!
    Text enhancements = can’t wait!
    3D features = unbelievable!
    OCR = gotta have! (my favorite new feature)!

  9. Jerome DI Padova Says:

    We just discovered Bluebeam CAD a couple of weeks ago and we are hooked. Currently we are using a rapidly expiring trial version; I am getting authorization to buy several copies of Cad version 8.5. I have a couple of questions however. I really want the OCR capabilities so I’d like to know: Could you clarify if 9 Extreme have all the functionality of CAD 8.5 in addition to OCR? If I buy CAD 8.5 now will I get a free upgrade to 9 Extreme?

  10. Dick Barath Says:

    Are you going to be CURRENT with the Revit 2012. In the past you have always been one release behind – this does not work with Revit. No reason to upgrade if this is the case.


  11. Bryan Says:

    Any idea if there will be touch implemented for those of us with the HP Touchsmart TM2?

  12. See us later this month at the AIIM Expo « The PDF Insider Says:

    […] The PDF Insider « Revu 9 Podcast, Part 1 – Bluebeam Developers Reveal Upcoming Features […]

  13. Doug Says:

    Is Revu 9 Citrix/TS aware?

  14. Bluebeam PDF Revu 9 Podcast – It’s launch day! « The PDF Insider Says:

    […] already discussed many of the great features in Revu 9 in part 1 of the podcast. Part 2 talks about these additional amazing features now available in Revu Standard, Revu CAD and […]

  15. Oun Kwon Says:

    OCR feature on new version I tried works well. The problem is I have to use a screen capture program (SnagIt -very good) and then copy it to create an MS Word file and then convert to PDF and then to run ‘Document – OCR’. Quite a step I have to go through.

    What do you think about the feature shown ABBYY Screenshot Reader (a free with ABBYY FneReader and PDF transformer)? I understand that to ask this feature in BlueBeam is a tall order, if not too tall.

    • Karen from Bluebeam Says:

      Hi Oun,

      I’m not sure if there are additional edits you are making in Word before creating a PDF, but what if you bypassed the screenshot/paste into Word and instead created a PDF from the native application using the Bluebeam PDF printer driver (File/Print)? Then you can OCR with less steps.

      We do have a screenshot feature – the Snapshot Tool – but that only copies images from within a PDF viewed in Revu. It’ll paste to other Windows applications, though. Is that what you are looking for or different functionality?

      Take care,
      Karen (karen at

      • Oun Kwon Says:

        Thank you Karen,

        Boy, we learn everyday. It reminds me the time when PC came out. We kept learning and tweak to get to use the computer and (DOS) operating system, not enough time to use it for what was intended.

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