Favorite Feature Friday – Revu eXtreme


It’s Favorite Feature Friday! Today, is a special edition of this series, because we’re highlighting my coworker Cristi. He came to work dressed up as not just a feature of Revu, but an entire edition of the software – Revu eXtreme!

Cristi dressed up as a thrill-seeking sportsman to represent Revu eXtreme!

eXtreme is the latest edition of Revu, and was just released in March. In addition to all the great features of Bluebeam, extreme includes:

  • PDF Forms creation for making any PDF a fillable form
  • OCR for transforming scanned PDFs into text searchable and selectable files
  • Scripting for automating repetitive PDF markup and editing processes, such as adding a text stamp, inserting a cover page and flattening a PDF.
  • Redaction for permanently removing confidential and sensitive text and images from PDFs.

Learn more about Revu eXtreme here, and remember, to keep on PDFin’!


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