Favorite Feature Friday – The Lasso Tool


It’s Friday, which means it’s time to talk about another one of our favorite Bluebeam features! Today the focus is on the Lasso Tool, as demonstrated by Amy and Sasha.

Amy and Sasha giving their best “Lasso Tool” impressions!

The real Lasso Tool, as seen at the top of the Revu interface.

The Lasso tool was originally developed for our tablet PC users. It’s a helpful, and fun, way to multi-select PDF markups. Just grab the tool with your tablet pen or mouse, and draw around all the markups you want to select.

In this example, I used the lasso tool to multi-select all the markups except for the green callout that says “Verify dimension.”

Once you close the loop, your markups will be multi-selected. From here, you can change their properties, group the markups, lock the markups, move the markups in unison – the possibilities are (almost) endless!

The lassoed markups are now multi-selected and ready to go.

Check out more Favorite Feature Friday costumes on our Facebook page. And remember, to keep on PDFin’!



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