Bluebeam Q – An even more Powerful PDFin’ Machine


This week we released an updated version to our server product Bluebeam Q.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with this powerful PDFin’ Machine, Bluebeam Q is a server-based solution that creates PDFs from CAD and Office files and performs batch operations such as automatically rotating PDFs, adding text stamps and applying security.  With four options to choose from – Network PDF printer, Watched Folders, Script Engine and API – users can easily “Q up” files for PDF creation and processing.

So, what’s new in Bluebeam Q 4.5? PDF/A-1b support has now been added to the list of functionalities in Bluebeam Q. What does this mean? Well, for starters the Bluebeam Q Network PDF printer allows users to save as PDF/A-1b, and PDF/A-1b can now be selected as an output file type within Watched Folders. The Script Engine and API also allow users to write commands that will determine if a PDF is PDF/A-1b compliant or not by creating a report, or save a new PDF file in PDF/A-1b format to a specified location.

For more information about Q, including a 30-day trial, check out  Already in Q? Customers with a license of Q version 4 or an active maintenance agreement can receive a free upgrade to Bluebeam Q 4.5 by visiting our upgrade page here. And remember, keep on PDFin’!


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