Webinar – Zachry uses Bluebeam Studio for punch


Are you curious to see how Zachry Construction implemented Bluebeam Studio in their punch list process? Now’s your chance! Attend Fiatech’s Technology Tuesday Webinar: 123 Punch List Process on Tuesday, September 6 at 11:00am EDT (8:00am PDT).

This webinar will be presented by Todd Sutton, Zachry’s Business Unit Manager – Project Controls.

“What’s the story here?” you ask. I like your curiosity. Well, once upon a time, Todd’s project team wanted a more efficient way to track and manage punch list items for a hotel they were building. (Listing the items in notebooks, which eventually needed to be re-entered electronically, just wasn’t cutting it anymore.) They searched all the land to find a great new digital process. They found Dropbox, and they were happy.

Happy enough.

But then, along came Bluebeam Studio. Studio let them collaborate on the same punch list in real-time.

…Now that’s a fairy-tale ending, if I do say so myself.

So come one, come all and register for this webinar. And remember to keep on PDFin’!

-Samantha (Sorry, not Jill. She’s away and will be back shortly!)

One Response to “Webinar – Zachry uses Bluebeam Studio for punch”

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