New Video – Revu’s Best Practices for Hyperlinking


We know that quite a few of you have found our robust hyperlinking feature to be an invaluable tool for digitally managing your project drawings and documents. In fact, McCarthy detailed their success in this white paper. We also know that there are some Bluebeam users looking to replicate these results, and need some help getting started.

Well, look no further! We’ve recently put together a video on the best practices for hyperlinking from within Revu. Check it out on our YouTube page.

Happy hyperlinking, and remember to keep on PDFin’!


2 Responses to “New Video – Revu’s Best Practices for Hyperlinking”

  1. Says:

    Is there a way to hyperlink more than one document through one hyperlink? For example I want to open 2 docs at once….

    • Karen from Bluebeam Says:

      Hi Erin,

      The hyperlink tool can only open one file at a time. One idea that might help is that you can use Bluebeam to combine those two PDFs that you need to open together into one file, and then hyperlink to that combined PDF.

      Take care,
      Karen (at)

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