Where’s My Stuff?


For all you long-time Bluebeam users, I hope you are finding Revu 10 to be the best release ever. But all of the awesomeness aside, I realize that since Revu 10 includes a whole new interface, some of you may be thinking “Um, where’s my stuff?!”

To help you out, I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 inquiries regarding the new locations of your favorite tools and features:

First, let’s talk about pinning. Revu’s new interface makes it easier than ever to pin your most-accessed tools to toolbars. Simply hover over the tool in the Menu Bar drop-downs and click the  to pin it to an existing or new toolbar.

You can even pin a tool set to a toolbar by clicking  from the Tool Chest.

Another way to quickly access Revu features is to use Tab Access  , found on the left-hand side of the Command Bar.

Before we go any further, you should know that you can always revert back to Classic Mode by going to Settings   > Preferences > General and checking the “Classic Mode” box.

Now, let’s begin.

1. Getting Started, Quick Start Guide, Keyboard Shortcut documents

Help > Help 

2. Preferences

Settings > Preferences

3. Lasso tool 

Edit > Select

Tip: The lasso tool is handy for multi-selecting all markups on the PDF at once.

4. Reduce File Size and Repair Page Content

Document > Process

Tip: Repair Page Content fixes most display issues in a PDF.

5. Edit Text, Erase Content or Cut Content, Redaction (eXtreme edition only)

Edit > Content

6. Flatten

Document > Flatten 

7. Pan, Select, Zoom, Select Text

Located in the middle navigation toolbar  at the bottom of the interface.

8. Presentation and Full Screen Mode

Use the View Menu button to access all view options.

Tip: Full Screen Mode allows for more screen real estate, but the closed interface panels are displayed, as well as a hovering toolbar. Presentation Mode only spotlights the PDF, and page navigation is controlled by the up and down arrow keys on the keyboard.

9. Undo and Redo

Edit > History 

10. CAD profile (CAD and eXtreme editions) and Standard profile (Standard edition)

The new Design profile is very similar to the CAD profile from earlier versions of Revu, and the Office profile is very similar to the Standard profile from earlier versions of Revu.

Don’t see what you need? Create your own Profile and save it for later use.  Or, import profiles like Punch, Construction, or Power from our website.

Still looking for something that’s not on this list? Let me know and I’ll help you out! And remember to keep on PDFin’!

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