The Bluebeam eXtreme Conference is this Friday!


It’s almost here! This Friday, Bluebeam is hosting the Bluebeam eXtreme Conference in downtown Los Angeles. This action-packed day will include educational sessions from Bluebeam experts, including presenters from Mortenson Construction and Turner Construction Company who will share how they are currently using Revu on their projects. The Bluebeam eXtreme Conference will also include a special keynote presentation from Richard Lee, our President and CEO, who will be making an exciting announcement that I know many Bluebeamers will be very pleased to hear.

We wish that everyone single one of our users could make the conference, but we know that isn’t possible. We will be tweeting news throughout the day, so be sure to follow us on Twitter or search for the hashtag #BBeXtreme. And remember, to keep on PDFin’!


4 Responses to “The Bluebeam eXtreme Conference is this Friday!”

  1. Nathan Woods Says:

    I totally enjoyed the Bluebeam Extreme event. The classes/seminars were good (though somehow EVERY one of them seemed to emphasize that Studio was the solution, LOL), the social aspect was great! Got to meet the people we’ve been dialoging with on the forums, and the food was outstanding (thanks Wolfgang Puck!).

    I really enjoyed the presentations from Turner and Morley. I would not have thought to use BB in they way they do, and I think my larger projects can really benefit from those lessons learned. So cool!

    The “reveal” of Revu for iPad was extremely well done. That was really cool to be a part of and see it live. For those not there, CEO Richard Lee showed demonstrations of how multiple people can participate in a Studio Session simultaneously from various remote locations. Then someone in the office (was this staged?) asked, “But when can we use our iPads to do this?!!”, and Richard says, NOW, and on cue, all those remote contributors walked into the auditorium with iPads in their hands, showing that each of them had been producing the comments we were watching live on the screen, from their iPad. This was met with a solid wall of cheering and applause from the attendees. Finally! Revue for iPad!

    As cool as that was, my favorite even for the day was the 45 minute Tips & Tricks sessions from the two main developers Peter Noyes and Ben Gunderson. Watching Peter (I think?) show us 1,400 mind blowing tips in 45 seconds was just amazing…okay, it might have been 45 minutes, but it felt like seconds!. Listening to and FEELING the audience react to seeing such simple solutions and demonstrations of the already built-in existence of long wanted features was to partake in a truly communal experience. It was awesome. Talk about drinking water from a fire hose! I hope that presentation was filmed!

    Thanks Bluebeam for the invite! Here’s to continued 50% growth each year!

    • Karen from Bluebeam Says:

      Wow, Nathan. Thanks for the great feedback on the eXtreme conference! I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed it and got so much out of the presentations. I’ll definitely be sharing your comments with the team. 🙂

      -Karen (at)

  2. Gordon Says:

    Thanks for the update on how the conference went. I would have loved to have gone to see the official announcement of the iPad app and meet other Bluebeam users and fellow forum members. But alas, it wasn’t a local event for me. I think I read that some of the content will be provided on the website. Will the Tips & Tricks session also be available? I’d be interested to see this and see what else I didn’t know you could do with PDF Revu.

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