Access Bluebeam Studio™ via Bluebeam Vu™ iPad


Attention all iPad enthusiasts – the latest version of Bluebeam Vu iPad is now available for download in the Apple App Store. Updates include access to Bluebeam Studio and added support for connecting to WebDAV servers.  With access to Studio Sessions, iPad users can now collaborate on time-sensitive projects in real-time from anywhere at any time.



The latest version arrives just in time for the Tekla North American User Meeting where Bluebeam is exhibiting in full force.  This week, fellow Bluebeamers are on-hand to demo Bluebeam Revu® 10, showcasing how users can digitally collaborate on shop drawings and 3D designs with project partners downstream.  Stop by our booth (#11) to receive your 30-day free trial CD of Revu 10. We hope to see you at the show.

And, remember to keep on PDFin’.


3 Responses to “Access Bluebeam Studio™ via Bluebeam Vu™ iPad”

  1. Micheal Kingsley Says:

    Ipad yea, Well, what about Android? Of course all this will become moot after Surface, surfaces. Are we ready for windows 8?

    • Kyle from Bluebeam Says:

      Thank you for reaching out Michael. Based on a tremendous amount of customer feedback, we are focused on the iPad right now and do not currently have an Android app in development. Stay tuned for news about Windows 8 compatibility.

      • Micheal Kingsley Says:

        Well, I’m a PC as are most CAD users. BUT I will forgive you your Apple fixation, if I can get it to work in 8. I plan on going total cloud soon as it comes out! I realize that there are SOME apples that aren’t all bad. Just remember it only takes one bad apple …… 🙂

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