Bluebeam Revu iPad App Adds New Functionality


Last July when we released Revu iPad, we knew there were some additional features that our users wanted. But, you had been waiting very, very patiently for our app, and we wanted to get it in your hands as soon as possible. Well, today, some of those highly-requested features are available in a new version of Revu iPad that you can now download in the App Store, including:

  • Rotate pages –From the thumbnails tab place your index finger and thumb on the page you want to rotate. Then, twist the thumbnail to rotate the page.
  • The Snapshot Icon – Capture an area of a PDF and paste it to another PDF or page.
  • The Flatten Icon – Make all markups a permanent, unchangeable part of your PDF.
  • Bookmarks – Add bookmarks to a PDF.

Additionally, Revu iPad now has international regional formatting support, additional rendering preferences and Dropbox, Box and WebDAV are now edited through the Document Manager.

Click here to get the latest version of Revu iPad in the Apple App Store. Stay tuned for more additions throughout the upcoming year, and remember to keep on PDFin’.



One Response to “Bluebeam Revu iPad App Adds New Functionality”

  1. Jim Spurr Says:

    I think you have convinced me to get an i-pad. The tablet that i’m currently using just doesn’t cut it

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