Two New Tool Sets Now Available for Bluebeam Revu


Customize, customize, customize! We like the sound of that word at Bluebeam, and are happy to announce that we have created two new customized tools sets for Revu featuring a variety of Fire & Life Safety and Security & CCTV markup symbols.

Fire & Life Safety


Both are packed full of markups that can easily be placed on drawings and customized by changing the color, fill, opacity or line type to fit your team’s communication style. Upload them to your Tool Chest™ (and many other tool sets) for free here.

For all those new to Revu, Bluebeam offers a variety of tool sets that include specialized markup symbols that can be saved in Revu’s exclusive Tool Chest and are fully customizable for each user. And, if there are other tool sets that you’ve created using Revu that haven’t already been pre-loaded in Revu or on our website, let me know at kyle (at) We’d love to help you share them with the rest of the world.

Oh, and as always, remember to keep on PDFin’.


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